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Transposition of EU legislation

By the 31 January of each year, in the course of a "European session" of Parliament, the Government presents the Houses of Parliament with its "EU bill", which is examined along with the Government's annual report on the participation of Italy in the EU. The annual EU bill transposes EU Directives into Italian law and implements every other legal measure produced by the European Union as well as judgements delivered by the EU courts.

The Council of Ministers may also adopt ad-hoc and, in some cases, urgent measures to implement EU legislation and judgments, or may have recourse to specific bills for directives of a particularly complex nature.

The Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Deputies give the European Union Policies Committee responsibility for expressing an opinion regarding the validity of any bill containing measures that touch on EU law.

In pre-legislative scrutiny, other sectoral parliamentary committees are also expected to ensure that the proposed measure complies with EU law.