Chamber of Deputies

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The premises of the Chamber of Deputies

The Buildings of the Chamber of Deputies

The building in which the Chamber of Deputies holds its plenary debates is Palazzo Montecitorio, whose imposing and elegant facade is probably the most familiar image of the Chamber. Palazzo Montecitorio is a building of notable historical and artistic worth.
It is not, however, the only building in which the political bodies and administrative offices of the Chamber of Deputies are located.
Some Parliamentary Groups are based in the Palazzo dei Gruppi (in Via Uffici del Vicario), while the ancient Santa Maria sopra Minerva complex (in Via del Seminario) is home to the Joint Parliamentary Committees, the Historical Archives and the Library of the Chamber of Deputies.
The Santa Maria in Campo Marzio complex of Vicolo Valdina (Piazza Campo Marzio), a group of buildings originating from the days of early Christianity, hosts, among other things, exhibitions and conferences. Several offices are located in Palazzo Theodoli-Bianchelli (in Via del Parlamento) and in the Palace that formerly housed the Banco di Napoli (in Via del Parlamento), while the Palazzo Marini (on Piazza San Claudio, in Via del Pozzetto and Via del Tritone) houses the MPs' offices.

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