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European affairs

The Italian Parliament interacts with the European Union in three main areas:

  • by participating in the framing of European policies;
  • by transposing EU regulations into Italian law;
  • by means of interparliamentary cooperation.

The relevant instruments and procedures are regulated by the Rules of Procedure and Law 11 of 2005. Interparliamentary cooperation is for the most part regulated partly with reference to established practice and partly with reference to guidelines agreed at the Conference of EU Speakers.
The Chamber of Deputies closely follows developments in the institutional arrangements of the EU, with particular regard to the coming into effect of the Lisbon Treaty, which will introduce new types of participation of national parliaments in the EU decision-making process. This requires the definition of new implementation procedures both within the EU and within national parliaments.

To facilitate active participation in the EU decision-making process, the Chamber of Deputies constantly monitors and pays particular attention to the development of EU polices, also with reference to the effects that they may have on the Italian institutional landscape.