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Relations with the public

In addition to its purely parliamentary work, the Chamber of Deputies, by means of numerous and by now firmly established initiatives, seeks to fulfil a second mission of delivering a "service for citizens".
Anyone wishing to pay a visit to the historical building of Montecitorio can make use of the "open-door day", which is generally held on the first Sunday of the month and consists in a guided tour of the rooms and works of art of the Chamber of Deputies building. It is also possible to attend debates in the House (unless the available places are booked out).
The opening of Montecitorio and the other buildings of the Lower House attract more than 300,000 visitors a year, of which around 100,000 are children on school tours.
From October to May, students in the last two years of Upper High school who have done projects on current affairs can have two days of training at Montecitorio where they receive instruction in library research, meet MPs and Committee Chairpersons and visit the Montecitorio building.
The Library of the Chamber of Deputies, with its more than one million books and publications, is open to the public. Together, the Chamber and the Senate Library form the Joint Parliamentary Library.
The Chamber of Deputies also organises many conferences, exhibitions and book presentations.