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Conference of Group Chairpersons

The Conference of Group Chairpersons is chaired by the President of the Chamber and is composed of the Chairpersons of the Parliamentary Groups. The Government is always notified of the meetings so as to be able to send a representative (Rule 13, paragraph 1).

It is also possible to invite the Vice- Presidents of the Chamber, and the Chairpersons of the parliamentary committees to attend the Conference, as well as, if the issue to be discussed is of particular importance, the representatives of the political components of the mixed group with at least ten members, as well as the representative of the component formed by the deputies belonging to linguistic minorities (Rule 13, paragraph 2, of the Rules).


The Conference of Group Chairpersons is convened by the President of the Chamber whenever he/she deems it necessary, also at the request of the Government or a Group Chairperson, in order to examine the work carried out by the Plenary and the Committees (Rule 13, paragraph 1).

The Conference is responsible for planning the Chamber's work by setting the programme and order of the House's business (Rules 23 and 24 ). The President of the Chamber of Deputies may call a preliminary meeting of the Conference of the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees.

The Conference also discusses and decides on urgent requests referring to bills (Rule 69), on the length of time required by the Government to conclude the consideration on the Floor of the House of a budget-related bill (Rule 123-bis ) as well as on setting a new term for the presentation of the Committees' reports on the bills on the House's agenda should the Government, without indicating the reason, have omitted to provide the data and information requested by the Committee within the prescribed period (Rule 79, paragraph 7).