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How to visit Montecitorio

There are several ways of visiting the Chamber of Deputies.

Open Door Day at Montecitorio

Montecitorio opens its doors generally once a month from October to June. This provides the opportunity to visit some of Palazzo Montecitorio's most iconic spaces, such as the Plenary Hall, the so-called Corridor of Lost Steps (also known as Transatlantic Hall), and the other main halls of the Chamber of Deputies: the Queen's Hall, the Hall of the She-Wolf, the Aldo Moro Hall, and the Women's Hall. Over the course of the visit, Montecitorio staff will illustrate the palace's main historical, artistic, and institutional aspects.
To take part in the next Open Door Day, you must make a reservation online.

Exhibitions and cultural initiatives

Many exhibitions are held every year on the premises of the Chamber of Deputies. Since 1994, thousands of visitors every month have had free access to the exhibition areas set up in Montecitorio, the Vicolo Valdina complex and Palazzo del Seminario. For the most part, the exhibitions are of artistic works, but have also been dedicated to other themes such as photography, technology and philately. The Vicolo Valdina buildings also host several cultural initiatives that seek to maintain a constant dialogue between citizens and the institutions of the state, while making the best possible use of the cultural treasures of the Chamber of Deputies and encouraging people to enjoy them.

School visits

Visits by schoolchildren are particularly welcome. Guided school tours of Montecitorio are available for pupils (from fifth primary year up). The visit, during which the chief historical and architectural features of the building are shown, follows a planned route and includes all the most important areas in which parliamentary life is conducted. All participants receive teaching and educational material.