Chamber of Deputies

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College of Quaestors

In accordance with the Chamber's Rules and Procedure (Rule 10) three Quaestors jointly supervise the proper working of the Administration, and oversee the enforcement of the relevant rules and the President's directives.

The College of Quaestors draws up the annual internal budget, which is then submitted to the Bureau (of which the Quaestors are members) for approval before being discussed and approved by the House.

The Quaestors also discuss and decide on expenditure for the purchase of goods and services needed for the functioning of the Chamber. The Quaestors supervise protocol, maintain order and security in the Chamber's premises, in accordance with the President's instructions. To this end, as law enforcement officers are not allowed into the Chamber without the President's permission, the Quaestors are responsible for the use of the Chamber's ushers.