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Initiatives and events

Every year, the Chamber of Deputies hosts all sorts of cultural and artistic events. The rooms of Palazzo Montecitorio, the Vicolo Valdina buildings and Palazzo del Seminario often host conventions and exhibitions open to the public free of charge.
On the first Sunday of the month the initiative "Open-door day" takes place at Montecitorio, thanks to which the general public is allowed to visit the plenary hall, the broad hallway known as the "Corridor of lost steps" (also called the "Transatlantic"), the main reception rooms and many works of art, paintings, sculptures and furnishings. In the same spirit of creating a new sense of belonging between citizens and the institutions, the Chamber of Deputies also promotes military band concerts in Piazza Montecitorio and, in the buildings of Vicolo Valdina, organises classical music concerts, plays, readings, conventions and conferences on cultural themes, book presentations and other initiatives.

The home page of the website provides the necessary information for those interested in finding out about and attending the initiatives.