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Other buildings

Palazzo ex Banco di Napoli

The Palazzo ex Banco di Napoli (a former bank standing between Via del Giardino Theodoli, Via del Parlamento and Via del Corso) houses administrative offices of the Chamber and, in the huge central hall, still contains the old bank counters.

Palazzo dei Gruppi - Palazzo della Missione

Palazzo dei Gruppi (Via degli Uffici del Vicario) is the headquarters of a number of Parliamentary Groups and is linked to Palazzo Montecitorio through a short raised covered walkway over Via della Missione.

Some of the Parliamentary Groups and some other offices are also housed in the Palazzo della Missione (standing between the street having the same name and Via degli Uffici del Vicario). In this complex, following an impressive renovation, a new Hall of the Parliamentary Groups, holding around 300 seats, has been opened.

The new Hall of the Palazzo dei Gruppi parlamentari

On the 150th anniversary of Italian Unity, the Chamber of Deputies inaugurated a new Conference Hall in the Parliamentary Groups' Building. This architectural work represents the final transformation of a portion of Montecitorio which has a special history. The area was erected in 1624 by the Congregation of the Mission, who then completed it with a church in the 18th century. In 1914 the church was demolished and the area became a fully-fledged industrial facility, which hosted the Chamber of Deputies' print shop. In 1966, after the print shop was transferred, the area was used to host a large meeting room which - in order to distinguish it from the Plenary Hall of the Chamber of Deputies (the Aula) - was called the Little Hall (Auletta) of Parliamentary Groups. In the 1990s the Auletta, which had hosted major meetings and events, was closed as it no longer complied with new building regulations. In 2003, at the initiative of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, through the Inter-regional Superintendent's Office for Public Works of Lazio, Abruzzo and Sardinia, instituted a re-building process and in November 2008 began new building works which were completed in May 2011. The new Conference Hall is used for institutional meetings, as well for various events promoted by the Chamber of Deputies or other entities hosted by the Chamber. The architectural design of the new Hall, drawn up by the architect Sergio Petruccioli, retraces the place's history. The outside of the original building is constructed as an external fa├žade, in order to re-evoke the 18th century courtyard. The metal structure of the industrial facility can be recognised thanks to the use of copper. The new interior of the Hall is delicately poised on a void, de-materialised in its stylistic autonomy thanks to a membrane hanging from nineteen slender arches. The shell shape of the seating area is classical, simple in its floor plan and complex in its 3-dimensional development as the translucent hemisphere enclosing the Hall is supported by flattened arches, which trace the double curvature of the thermoset-coated glass panes. Behind the Hall there opens up a suite of relational spaces.

Palazzo Theodoli-Bianchelli

Palazzo Theodoli-Bianchelli (standing between Via dell'Impresa, Via del Parlamento and Via del Corso) houses some Deputies' offices as well as the IT Department and the Personnel Department. While renovation work was being carried out in the premises on the ground floor, a mural painting came to light entitled Macchina per produrre calze, 1947-48, cm. 290 x 210, by Gino Severini (1883-1966). This painting, on a subject linked to the products sold by the sports shop that used to occupy the premises, is a montage in the Cubist style, of a machine with transmission belts, shafts and cogs. The painting is now on display in the new Hall of the Parliamentary Groups.

In the premises previously used for the bookshop (closed during the 17th Parliament), on the corner between Via del Parlamento and Via del Corso, a hall for events and conferences was created in 2017.