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The satellite channel of the Chamber of Deputies

The leaders, the debates, voting operations - politics live from Montecitorio. The Chamber of Deputies now broadcasts over a TV satellite channel that can viewed all over Europe by anyone with a digital satellite receiver.

The service provided by the Chamber of Deputies is free of charge and without any restrictions: all the broadcasts are free to air (FTA), and are therefore fully accessible to anyone in possession of equipment able to pick up the digital TV satellite signal.

An estimated total of over 900 million viewers are therefore potentially able to receive the broadcast. As well as reaching the whole of Europe, where a 60-85 centimetre dish is large enough to receive it, the signal broadcast by the Eutelsat satellite, which already transmits the proceedings of the European Parliament, can be received throughout the southern Mediterranean provided 120-160 centimetre dishes are used, and in the whole of North Africa and the Middle East, using 160-200 centimetre dishes. <br /> This initiative marks a further step in the process of opening up the Chamber to the outside world. In this case not only to Italian citizens (including those residing in the countries where the broadcasts can be received), who can thus follow the proceedings at Montecitorio without any outside help. It is also available to European Union and Mediterranean countries, which are those mainly addressed by Italian foreign policy. Using the currently most common pay-TV digital receivers available in Italy it is sufficient to tune into the "Camera dei Deputati" channel.

Those using different types of receiver, both in Italy and abroad, can receive the Chamber of Deputies broadcasts by setting the following technical parameters:

  • Satellite: Eutelsat Hot Bird 2/13° Est
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Transponder: 54
  • Frequency: 11,804.2 MHz
  • FEC: 2/3
  • Symbol Rate: 27,500.