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Artistic Heritage

The various buildings that make up the Chamber of Deputies precinct boast numerous works of art that have been acquired over the years to furnish the premises, notably the representation rooms, in a manner fitting for a parliamentary institution.

The collection is extensive and broad-ranging and has been gradually growing ever since Palazzo di Montecitorio became the seat of the Chamber of Deputies. There are more than a thousand paintings and sculptures dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, several thousand engravings and prints from various eras, a significant holding of archaeological artefacts, as well as other artistic items, such as clocks, fixtures and furnishings, tapestries and busts.

Part of these holdings belong to several public Fine Arts Departments (Superintendent's Offices) or to prestigious Italian museums and art institutions, and are held at the Chamber on a temporary loan. Other works have been acquired directly by the Chamber of Deputies since the 1950s, and a small portion of the art holdings have been donated by the artists or their heirs.

The art works on temporary loan mainly include items (paintings, furnishings, tapestries) dating from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries on such disparate themes as portraits, landscapes, still lifes, mythological subjects and allegorical paintings representing patriotic and national values.

The artistic holdings owned by the Chamber of Deputies mostly consist of modern and contemporary works of art, with particular regard to twentieth-century Italian art of various genres, schools and styles.

Representing important Italian and European schools of art are major artists such as, to name only a few, Giovanni Boldini, Renato Guttuso, Giorgio Morandi, Carlo CarrĂ , Massimo Campigli and Fausto Pirandello.

To allow a wider public to enjoy this artistic heritage, a dedicated and continuously updated web portal was opened in December 2020 to make the most important art works on the premises of the Chamber of Deputies available for viewing on the internet.

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