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The Chamber of Deputies and young people

The Chamber of Deputies organises initiatives of institutional communication and training addressed to the youth and to schools, so that the young can learn about the functioning of Parliament and institutional and political issues.

From parliamentary rooms to class rooms. Constitution classes

Among the initiatives meant for educational purposes, the Chamber and the Senate, in cooperation with the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research, have launched a project titled "From parliamentary rooms to class rooms. Constitution classes". This educational project is focused on topics pertaining to Italy's constitutional history and is targeted at secondary education institutes. It is organised at national as well as regional level according to the procedures published on the website of the Ministry. In order to provide support to research activities, the websites of both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate offer a specific teaching platform on the Italian Constitution.

Training days at Montecitorio

Students attending the last two years of high school can take part in the programme "Training days at Montecitorio" that is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
The initiative, which unfolds over two days, gives the participants a real taste of parliamentary life. The students visit the premises of the Chamber of Deputies, attend a session in the plenary hall, meet members of Parliamentary Committees with whom they discuss their research work, receive information on the functioning of the House and visit the Library.

Visiting Montecitorio

School classes can also book a visit of Montecitorio Palace, to see the premises of the political-parliamentary life through a guided tour presenting the most important historical and architectural aspects. They will also receive information, documents and brochures at the Library of the Chamber.