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Chamber of Deputies' Budget

The Chamber of Deputies has also financial autonomy if compared with the other State institutions: each year it draws up and approves its budget establishing how the necessary financial resources will be used.
As a constitutional body, the Chamber of Deputies has financial and accounting autonomy.
With funding provided for in the Government budget, the Chamber draws up and approves its own budget plan and balance sheet every year.
Rule 66 of the Chamber's Rules of Procedure requires the documents to be debated and voted on the Floor of the House after being prepared by Quaestors and approved by the Bureau. The documents and the verbatim reports of the sittings devoted to them are published in full in the parliamentary records and are also available on the Chamber's website.
Provisions governing the budget and expenditure control are contained in special internal regulations approved by the Bureau. Specifically, issues pertaining to financial, accounting and asset management as well as contractual matters are governed by the Administration and Accounting Regulation, which also contains rules governing the appropriate planning, execution and supervision of work contracted by the Chamber of Deputies.

Approval of the Budget makes funds available for the functioning of the Chamber's bodies as well as of the various Departments supporting parliamentary activities.