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The Bureau

The Bureau (Rules 5 and 12) is chaired by the President of the Chamber and is composed of:

  • four Vice-Presidents (Rules 5 and 9);
  • three Quaestors (Rules 5 and 10);
  • at least eight deputies acting as Secretaries (Rule 5 and Rule 11) who in particular collaborate with the President to ensure regular voting in the House.

The number of deputies acting as Secretaries may be increased in order to ensure that all parliamentary Groups are represented in the Bureau (Rule 5, paragraph 4 and 5).

The Bureau is empowered to make numerous decisions with an important impact on the functioning of the Chamber, in particular those regarding:

  • the annual budget of the Chamber's expenditure, subject to the subsequent approval of the House (Rule 12, paragraph 2, and 66);
  • deputies' status (allowances, competences, etc...);
  • organisation of the Chamber's administration, legal status and financial treatment of personnel, administration and accounting, appointment of the Secretary General and assignment of managerial tasks (Rule 12, paragraph 3);
  • sanctioning of members of the House who disturb order in the House (Rule. 60, paragraph 3 and 4).