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Consolidated electoral laws

Presidential decree no. 361 of 30 March 1957, as amended

The fundamental rules governing the Chamber's system of elections are contained in the consolidated text no. 361 of 30 March 1957, which has undergone a number of amendments.They include, in particular, the rules introduced by Law no. 270 of 21 December 2005, which introduced innovations in the system for the election of Deputies by rewriting many of the articles of the original text, and by decree law no. 75 of 8 March 2006 confirmed by Law no. 121 on 20 March 2006.
The regulation implementing law no. 277 of 1993 was adopted with Presidential Decree no. 14 of 1994.
In the absence of an official codification, the version of consolidated text as edited by the Chamber of Deputies Research Department, including later amendments until Law no. 270 of 21 December 2005 is given here.
The exercise of the right to vote by Italian citizens living abroad is governed by Law no. 459 of 27 December 2001 and its implementing regulations (D.P.R. no. 104 of 2 April 2003).